Revisie Lantech(Rembrandt) case erectors.

We overhauled several case erectors of the brand Lantech(Rembrandt).

Before we did so, the company had to reserve 16 hours every two weeks for maintenance on these machines. And during production the fault-clearing service often had to spend a lot of time on the machines because of malfunctions. The company is running 24 hour a day during 12 days, and then stops for 2 days, to be back in business 24 hours a day for 12 days again.

After the revision these machines have hardly shown any malfunction at all and, apart from lubrication, they have needed no maintenance for more than a year. This leads to a visible saving of:

19.320 € savings on maintenance during that year
55.200 € savings on malfunction during that year

The total savings amount to:

74.520 €

Of course labour is the most important factor in this, but the amount mentioned above should be added up with an amount for savings on spare parts as well. So that means the savings are even higher.

The costs for revision amounted to 40.000 €, working hours and spare parts for 8 machines included.

Installing an overhauled Hassia-Redatron bag maker

The company concerned was looking for a new machine. After they had been in contact with us, this customer decided to buy an overhauled Hassia-Redatron bag maker. When they first saw the machine, they couldn't believe we were talking about an overhauled one. In their own words: "If you hadn't told us, we would have believed it was new”.

Renewal of the seal system of a VAI bag maker.

TThe company concerned had problems with open bags. Their buyers were even filing claims, because they had were receiving badly closed bags.

For this company we built in a new impulse seal system, which cleared up this problem. Furthermore the machine now produces 12 bags a minute, whereas before our interference it produced 6 bags of 5 kg per minute.

Improvement of Repac dosing machine for 4 to 10 kg.

The dosing machine was installed with a company that formerly used a weighing machine with only one head, which showed a tolerance of approximately 10 % of the desired weight. When weighing 5 kg for instance, they got somewhere between 4.5 and 5.5 kg in the bags. The products were supposed to be sold according to e-standard, however.

The dosing machine has a capacity of 5 kg and 30 outputs bulks per minute. And it has a tolerance of only 0,5% of the desired amount. They can now work with an average tolerance of far less than 1% of the desired weight. Which means their products can be packed in accordance with e-standard.

Revision of two Deltapack machines

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