We offer you the possibility to give your old packaging machine a metamorphosis. The machine is completely taken apart and cleaned, and then carefully put back together again with new parts. The controls are fully modernized and adjusted, and if necessary so are the drive mechanisms. The frame is cleaned and preserved in a way (pearling, spray-painting, powder-coating etc.) depending on the base material. So when the machines leave our workshop, they are as good as new again. You may think: why would I give an old machine a new life?

Well, here is our answer to that question.

Because it's cheaper than buying a new machine. After we have had it in our hands, you have a practically new machine again, and yet the machine you get back is more or less the same as it was before, so it's easy to handle for the people who have to operate it. And besides... why should we push out a machine with life experience?

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