The revision of machines takes place in our own company. We pick it up at the customer's place and set to work on it in our workshop.

We take the matter of machine revision very serious. All parts that can wear out are thoroughly checked and replaced if necessary. The control unit is cleaned and properly organized. Everything which has been taken apart, is cleaned and re-assembled with the utmost precision, so as to guarantee a proper working of the machine.

Let's just summarize what revision means:

  • We go to the customer's to collect the machine.
  • Then the machine is disassembled in our workshop.
  • After the machine is taken apart, all parts and the frame are cleaned.
  • Visible parts and unmoving parts are then preserved (pearling, spray-painting, powder-coating etc.) depending on the material.
  • The machine is fully re-assembled.
  • The control unit is cleaned and organized properly.

So as to be sure our work has been done well, the machine is then adjusted and tested before it's returned to the customer. After we've returned it to the customer's we bring the machine back into action.

Of course you can also propose a plan for the way you would like us to work on a machine. After all, you are the client, and when you have others ideas we are always prepared to think along with you.