We can offer you a wide range of spare parts:

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We can supply:

Electric and electronics:

  • heat element(s) for heatseal
  • heat element(s) for Control unit(s)
  • Pt-100
  • Sensors for heat detection, temprature sensors
  • Seal ties, seal thread, seal wires
  • Impulse seal control
  • Ropex (res10, res 11, res 20, res 21, res 30, res 31, res 42, res 201, res 203, res 205, res 207, res 210, res 211, res 215, res 220, res 221, res 222, res 225, res 230, res 24x, res 241, res 242, res 250, res 401, res 402, res 403, res 406, res 407, res 409, res 415, res 420, res 430, res 440, res 445, res 470, res 602, res 610, res 61x, res 630)
  • Resistron
  • Hitachi frequency controller, -controls
  • Hitachi plc's
  • Hassia Redatron control print(s)
  • Hassia Redatron assesoires
  • Sparc control element(s)
  • Sparc screens
  • Esa screens
  • Screens for Hassia Redatron bag makers
  • Leanard & Bauer screens
  • Leanard & Bauer steering element(s)
  • Leanard & Bauer controllers
  • Lenze reductor parts
  • Lenze controllers, Lenze contol(s)


  • Form shoulder(s), form set(s), shoulder(s) syntetic and Stainless sleel
  • Axle
  • Bearings
  • Foil conveyor, film transport belt(s) (drive belt(s), transmission belt(s), linatex, endless)
  • Heatseal beak(s)
  • Impulsseal beak(s)
  • Knives, cut off knives for cutting foil (all sorts, coating, cutting blades etc.)
  • Silicone rubber
  • Rubber for seal beaks
  • Teflon tape (ptfe tapes, foil)

If you have parts of which you mean that these are not in the list. You can always contact us. We mean that we can get almost all parts.

We can also make each desired part for the benefit of packaging machine(s). Making parts can be much cheaper than to order by the machine(s) builders.

Do you have any questions about seals, seal ties, seal thread, seal wires, impulse control(s), ropex, resistron, lcd, heating element(s), sensors , foil conveyors, film transport belt(s), floating strap, linatex, cutting knives, cutting blades, or Lenze, please feel free to contact us. Seal ties, seal thread(s) and seal wire(s)can also be treated by tin-plating, copper-plating and silver-plating. This increases the life expectancy of the seal wires.

Do you have burning problems with seal ties ends? Ask us about it.

We can supply form shoulders, form sets, shoulders for many sorts of packaging machine(s). Ask about the difference between synthetic and stainless steel shoulders.

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